Can You Have A Monkey As A Pet In Utah

Can you have a monkey as a pet in utah However efforts by pro animal groups and others are ongoing to have more states enact legislation banning monkeys as pets.

Can you have a monkey as a pet in utah. 1953 18 1 1 to 4. Monkey ferret lemur capybara etc. 240 001 002 a utah. California colorado connecticut georgia kentucky. Utah is one of the 9 states that has banned having a monkey as a pet ask login home science math history literature technology health law business all topics random. In utah you need to have a permit to have bears all non domesticated cats monkeys apes kangaroos ferrets hedgehogs coyotes and more. You do not need a permit to own alligators crocodiles alpacas camels chinchillas ostriches sugar gliders and penguins. Ut dog bite title 18. Certificate of registration required to own dangerous wild animals. These utah statutes comprise the state s dog laws.

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Can you have a monkey as a pet in utah If the animal you are interested in is not listed as prohibited or controlled utah law generally permits you to have one.

Can you have a monkey as a pet in utah. The hurdles are high to get a permit. Those large primates including chimpanzees orangutans geladas and gibbons are considered class 1 or class 2 wildlife and are illegal for pet owners. If you are considering something extremely rare and exotic that cannot be sold in pet stores or shelters you may want to contact the utah wildlife board to be sure your pet is legal to own and transport as it may fall into the unlisted prohibited animal families. Monkeys can be mischievous sometimes so if you own on watch out. Bear tiger lion cheetah monkey ape gorilla kangaroo lemur exceptions apply with certificate. Among the provisions include municipal pound pet sterilization provisions rabies control laws hunting laws that impact dogs and laws concerning injuries caused by dogs. They are wild animals and need room to explore and get their natural foods.

Currently washington state montana nevada north dakota nebraska kansas iowa missouri arkansas wisconsin illinois ohio alabama west virginia virginia north carolina and south carolina have no restrictions on keeping monkeys as pets. As of 2012 17 states have no restrictions against residents practicing the fine art of monkey keeping. This state has relatively lax laws on primates as long as you aren t interested in great apes lesser apes and baboon species. Since i am a primate i can answer your question 9 states currently have absolute bans on ownership sales and importation of pet monkeys. Yes because monkeys can not be pets. They are rarely issued.

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