How Long Does It Take To Get Booked With Vipkid

How long does it take to get booked with vipkid Since some of the steps involve coordinating with a mentor teacher it might take you longer if you have a busy schedule.

How long does it take to get booked with vipkid. Do not worry if you are a week in with no bookings. How long did it take you to start getting bookings. It took me 2 months to become fully booked for peak times and another month for me to consistently get booked as early as 5pm bjt. We make no guarantee of a steady stream of classes but do our best to ensure that we are keeping you as busy as possible. Parents need time to get acquainted with you but before long you ll have a stream of regular students waiting to take your classes. Vipkid itself says it may take a few weeks to get booked especially since they have so much to process and review for your profile. Please do not be discouraged. The first few weeks that i worked with vipkid i was not very adventurous with my slots. Just take this time to go through everything else on this list. This is the largest level of vipkid and it has the most students.

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How long does it take to get booked with vipkid How i booked 42 classes on my first 2 days.

How long does it take to get booked with vipkid. For most people the full vipkid hiring process takes 1 2 weeks. On average it takes about two months for new teachers to get a fully booked schedule. That is totally normal. The more kiddos available the more likely you are to get booked. Get the trial mc 3 0 certification. At this point in my vipkid career i am able to open basically whatever i want and it books. All these people in these fb groups that i m in are talking about teaching within their first week some of them have like 10 15 classes under their belt by day 6 and i ve taught zero classes.

What i used to do then and what i do now duration. I can promise you the bookings will come. As a new teacher it will take some time to get your first booking. It varies depending on your certifications but it s typically anywhere from one day to two weeks. Get level 2 interactive certified. Please also be advised that it can take up to a month to get a relatively steady stream of classes as students and parents get to know and try out new teachers. I m 18 days into a contract with vipkid.

This will allow you to teach vipkid trial classes which were the bulk of my classes when i was first starting out. How long does it take to get booked solid. They are reviewing your photos video translating your bio etc. Because most of the vipkid staff is still working remotely the vipkid application process is taking longer than normal.

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