Not Wanting To Break Up But Knowing You Have To

Not wanting to break up but knowing you have to You know when you mask the pain with anger sometimes it s easier to move on.

Not wanting to break up but knowing you have to. Sometimes even when love is there and you ve tried to talk again the other person still wants to break up. You re happy to just know the person. Some of us are afraid to be alone. If you want to know when to break up pay attention to what your friends are saying about your boyfriend. The same is true of relationships. Doing that just creates even more distance and unnecessarily wears you both down. That means that yes you ll have some rough patches over the years but the. There s no scientific measurement of how happy you should be in a relationship but to me you should be happy at least 80 of the time. If someone wants to leave you have to let them go. We may keep trying to invest more.

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Not wanting to break up but knowing you have to That means there s nothing you can do you can t pressure them into seeing things your way.

Not wanting to break up but knowing you have to. Many of us don t break up with a significant other when we should for many different reasons. But most of us just ignore the signs that a relationship is falling apart because it s easier to believe that everything is okay. You re happy to have loved them. Evolution may have biased us to look after our investments but sometimes this means we end up throwing good money after bad. And be loved by them. Others fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy i ve already invested so much time and effort in this relationship i can t give up now. But when you aren t even angry at the person and you still walk away loving them it s just this pain of losing someone you really care for.

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