One Side Of My Hair Is Shorter Than The Other

One side of my hair is shorter than the other I myself notice that the curliest section of my hair is also the shortest.

One side of my hair is shorter than the other. She had to trim it to make it even. At first i thought bleaching killed my curl but now that i ve gotten rid of most of the bleached bits it helped a little but still wavier than the other side. Well consider this everyone s hair grows in a circular motion from the crown. Shorter on one side posted. I am actually getting a trim or cut next week not because i am so annoyed by the different lengths but because my. I never been able to understand this but one side of my hair is shorter than the other its like like bam noticed but i can notice it. On the other hand it may be a matter of external influences. She tried cutting it a bit again today and made it even more horrible. Right on the crown toward the back. Playing with your own hair usually may result in damaged hair split ends or hair loss.

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One side of my hair is shorter than the other If you have hair on one side of the head that appears to grow longer faster stronger or thicker it may be a matter of normal variance.

One side of my hair is shorter than the other. As for the cause it is likely simply a matter of genetics. So one side grows forward one side grows going backward usually the side that grows backward is the side. One side of my hair has a lot more curl to it it was something i never really noticed until i began cg. Thanx for all the suggetions i did notice i have a different curl pattern on one side the curls r tighter on one side than the other. So the hair also offers extensive hair dos for making it more beautiful. My mom cut my hair before summer short and it didnt grow out much but now one side is shorter than the other and i wanted layers in my hair because my hair is really thick and frizzy but i dont want to cut my hair as short as the short side cause it looks terrible. When i straighten my hair its even length on both sides.

Look closely at what packages or products you use and put on it. If you favor sleeping on one side or the other you may be experiencing some erosion of the hair due to rubbing against the pillows or bed linens. Its just annoying p cuz i don t straighten my hair in the summer cuz it poofs out. Your hair often changes in stages as you grow older. My sister relaxed her shoulder length hair and only then did we notice that one side was quite noticeably longer than the other. Ensure you do your hair frequently. I mean theres no breakage that i can see because i dusted my ends but even before i did i noticed the difference.

Hair is really a image of beauty. It can alter in virtually any characteristic as you age. This means that there are more hairs per square inch of scalp on the thicker side and fewer on the side that lays flatter. Keep your short haircuts with one side longer than the other looking better since you ve got a stunning haircut show it off. Sent from my htc glacier using curltalk app. Dec 06 2008 at 9 43pm. Perhaps you spend a lot of time driving in your car with the window down and your hair on one side is being blown more by the wind causing the hair.

The right side of my head is longer and fuller and the left side is a lil shorter.


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