What Does It Mean When A Stray Cat Follows You

What does it mean when a stray cat follows you We do all kinds of hand springs to mansplain it away but the fact is cats know stuff.

What does it mean when a stray cat follows you. Adopting a stray cat into your home. Do you have a stray around your home that s taken a liking to you. Ok me and my girl were on our way to the laundromat 2 blocks from our house. I was sitting on the bench shivering it was cold and dark and my dad was late t t and just doing nothing. They also know when things aren t right with you even. People often mistake stray cats for feral cats because of their striking similarities. One of the theories says that cats follow people because they are like eternal kittens and they see you as an adoptive protective mother. If you want to step in and help the cat here s everything you ll need to know about what to do with stray cats. However if your cat follows you everywhere it may signal dependency. This is not healthy since it can mean they have problems when we are not around.

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What does it mean when a stray cat follows you On the way over there we ran into a gray white colored stray cat just roaming around the street.

What does it mean when a stray cat follows you. It was around 6 in the afternoon i don t know which day it was quite a while before and i was waiting for my dad to pick me up from after school. You are your cat s. You have some options when it comes to deciding what to do with a stray cat that has adopted you. She will sit beside me and paw at my arm until i pay attention to her. What does it mean when a stray cat follows you. Before you yahoo users answers you ll need to know a bit more about the subject. They ll pick the person who is good and will help.

If you are set on adopting this stray cat into your home and you know they do not belong to someone then you can begin the transition. All my cats like. Let s look at the reasons your cat follows you everywhere to see what we can do about it. Cats want to be close to their humans and also want to be their focal point. It s all about figuring out what is best for the cat and for you. Are you wondering what does it mean when a stray cat follows you around. For instance stray cats are.

The reasons a cat follows you everywhere don t necessarily relate to where they follow you. My cat abby gets very jealous anytime i talk on the phone. It looked at us and immediately came over meowing the whole time begging for attention it s tail went up it started purring and it kept trying to rub against us. That s why they follow you as they would follow their mom around the house or the garden. However some subtle differences can help you distinguish between the two. Stray cats don t just pick anyone to follow so you can count yourself lucky. This is a bit weird.

Before jumping to any conclusions you have to make sure the cat that s tailing you is actually a stray cat. Kash and susan 2 months ago. They are quick judges of character. Your cat follows you because he considers you as his human mommy and he is behaving like a kitten following his mom everywhere. If your cat is constantly following you around getting in your way preventing you from getting anything done then you have a cat who loves you.

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