When Is The Last Day To Eat In The Sukkah

When is the last day to eat in the sukkah The book of vayikra describes it as.

When is the last day to eat in the sukkah. Last day of sukkot. It is a mitzvah to eat all meals in the sukkah a meal is defined as more than two ounces of grains e g. Last day of sukkot. While the torah instructs us to live in the sukkah for seven days many choose to only eat meals in the sukkah. סוכה hebrew pronunciation. Sukkot or sukkos or sukkoth often translated as booth is a temporary hut constructed for use during the week long jewish festival of sukkot it is topped with branches and often well decorated with autumnal harvest or judaic themes. Plural סוכות hebrew pronunciation. Last day of sukkot. We do not sit in the sukkah on simchat torah as it is the 9th day which is definately not sukkot. Last day of sukkot.

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When is the last day to eat in the sukkah Last day of sukkot.

When is the last day to eat in the sukkah. Accordingly the tzlach brachot 49b writes that a person should wait an hour or two for the rain to stop so that one can eat in the sukkah after it stops raining. It is a mitzvah to celebrate in the sukkah. Diaspora jews eat in the sukkah but without saying the accompanying blessing there are some who eat just some of their meals in the sukkah on the eighth day but not the ninth. Sukkos succos commonly called the feast of tabernacles or in some translations the festival of shelters and known also as the feast of ingathering חג האסיף chag haasif is a biblical jewish holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the seventh month tishrei varies from. Therefore on the first night of sukkot one is obligated by the torah to eat in the sukkah. However the blessing on eating in the sukkah is not recited on this day that would be a dead giveaway that we are still observing sukkot. סוכות or ס כ ו ת hebrew pronunciation.

Although the eighth day follows sukkot it is actually an independent holiday in many respects we no longer take the four kinds or dwell in the sukkah. Rather one should eat in the sukkah after it stops raining. A sukkah or succah ˈ s ʊ k ə. Last day of sukkot. The mishna brurah 639 35 agrees. When eating or reciting kiddush in the sukkah recite this blessing. Last day of sukkot.

By a comparison of verses we deduce that the mitzvah of eating in the sukkah on the first night of sukkot is parallel to the mitzvah of eating matzah on the first night of passover. We also do not shake the lulav and etrog or mention sukkot in any of the day s prayers or kiddush. Last day of sukkot. We sit in the sukkah from sundown on tishrei 14th through nightfall of the tishrei 21 22 in the diaspora but without a blessing on the final day. One should preferably a piece of bread 100cc in size.

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