How To Keep Your Dog From Chewing Up Their Bed

How to keep your dog from chewing up their bed Exercise and tire out your pet to.

How to keep your dog from chewing up their bed. Offer several toys and treats and rotate them to keep your dog interested. Weaning issues as the aspca points out a less commonly known reason why some puppies will grow up into dogs that chew their beds relates back to weaning issues. Spray taste deterrents available at pet stores on the fabric to teach your pet that its bed isn t to be chewed. If you re crating him it s crucial he gets enough exercise and is not isolated for too long. If your puppy is chewing on their crate pad or dog bed it may simply be an attempt to ease painful sore gums and teeth. Boredom drives many dogs to chew their beds. Apart from chew toys dental chew sticks work well and if you re comfortable giving your dog bones these can also be beneficial. Just remember to remove any pieces of bone that could be small enough to swallow and stay away from bones that splinter easily like chicken bones. Dogs become frustrated and restless when they don t have a positive outlet for pent up energy. Encourage your dog to chew on these rather than on his bed or any other inappropriate items.

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How to keep your dog from chewing up their bed If your pet is chewing on its bed redirect it to a bone or toy and provide positive reinforcement to help it learn what s permitted and what s off limits.

How to keep your dog from chewing up their bed. Destroying a dog bed takes up lots of energy and a pooch that is dog tired is ten times more likely to fall asleep than go on a chewing spree. To find a way of how to stop dog from chewing bed you must first identify the underlying issue and cause anxiety stress boredom then proceed with a strategy. Boredom induced dog bed chewing. Exercise him vigorously for 30 60 minutes prior to crating him. Besides the obvious health benefits exercise has the hidden benefit of preventing destructive behavior in dogs.

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