Explain How A Line Is Different From A Line Segment

Explain how a line is different from a line segment The length of a line segment can be measured either in metric units such as millimeters centimeters or customary units like feet or inches.

Explain how a line is different from a line segment. In the elementary level geometry the term that every student comes across is line. When drawing straight lines two arrowheads pointing outwards are put on the ends to indicate that it extends to infinity. Lines run in the infinite distance in both the directions whereas a line segment is a part of a line. A line is a simple geometric shape that extends in both the directions but a line segment has two defined endpoints. 1 a line is a geometric figure that is formed by a point that moves in different directions while a line segment is a part of a line. 2 a line is infinite and it goes on forever while a line segment is finite starting at one point and ending at another point. The key difference between line and line segment is a line is extended in both directions infinitely but a line segment has two endpoints. The line as no endpoints and the line segment has two or one endpoints. It s the point exactly halfway between the endsof a line segment a perpendicular bisector is a line. The key difference between a line and a line segment lies in the fact that line has the potential to be extended in both the directions while a line segment has a fixed start and endpoint.

What Is A Line Segment Definition Distance Formula Example

Explain how a line is different from a line segment A line may also be named by a single lower case letter.

Explain how a line is different from a line segment. Both the figures are also different from a ray as a ray has only one endpoint and extend infinitely in one direction. Therefore it has a starting point and an ending point. So a line segment is a piece or part of a line having two endpoints. A line segment is a distance that joins two points on a line. On the other hand segment implies a piece of something so does the line segment means a portion of a line which has a distinct starting and end. Unlike a line a line segment has a definite length. A midpoint is a point.

The length of this line segment is the distance between its endpoints a and b. The line segment is actually a smaller section of the line. But in case of the line segments there are only the end points. It is that part of a line that connects two ends of the same path. Line refers to an straight and long mark on a surface represented by arrows at each end showing that it extends in the two directions endlessly. More precisely a line segment is a short piece of a straight line where its starting point and end point are distinctively marked. A line segment is determined by two points on a line such as a and b and is written as ab with a line over the letters.

A line segment has endpoints. It can also be open from the open end or both ends. A line has no measurable length its infinite but the line segments have a finite length. It s the line that passes through themidpoint of the segment and is.

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