How To Tell If Your Child Is Smarter Than Average

How to tell if your child is smarter than average Children who display the ability to hold a conversation early in their development are far more likely to grow up smarter than average.

How to tell if your child is smarter than average. Having a detailed memory is an early sign of intelligence according. On average extremely intelligent kids begin to sight read before the age of four while most kids are closer to the age of six or seven before they reach this milestone. There are many stages of reading and children must learn to recognize and understand words before they can begin to read on their own. This is a trait you also find in successful adults. If your child is eating a healthy breakfast at this age their chances of achieving above average marks in academic tests are doubled. Your baby might just give an elephant a run for their money if they seem to be exhibiting signs of strong memory skills. Once they learn to read they turn reading into learning which can create a cycle of never ending knowledge acquisition. Those downing cereals breads and dairy in the morning do best. This is a great trait to have because your child will seek out new school subjects to learn about. According to the davidson institute an education foundation for advanced children early and prolific use of language is typical in profoundly gifted children.

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How to tell if your child is smarter than average Science tells us that your child might be smarter than average if 1.

How to tell if your child is smarter than average. According to researchers from the university of edinburgh and king s college london children with strong reading skills at an early age are more likely to have above average intelligence in areas including vocabulary verbal and reasoning by age 7. Children who are smarter than average not only learn to read early. Books are more than their best friends. Smart children have an instinctual need to constantly outdo themselves. Even before they ve learned how to read kids who are smarter than average already show a keen interest on books. It can be a sign of a high iq. If your kid s bedroom looks more like a library than the toy department at barneys and their head is always bent over a book this is a sign of intelligence.

Here are 9 more. Innovate 10 signs you re smarter than average according to science if you re the eldest child you have a head start. You may notice your child actively wanting to do better in a certain field.

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