What Were The Key Issues In The Lincoln Douglas Debates

What were the key issues in the lincoln douglas debates 1st debate in ottawa.

What were the key issues in the lincoln douglas debates. What were the key issues in the lincoln douglas debates. The lincoln douglas debates also known as the great debates of 1858 were a series of seven debates between abraham lincoln the republican party candidate for the united states senate from illinois and incumbent senator stephen douglas the democratic party candidate. Douglas believed in popular sovereignty. In his house divided speech abraham lincoln argued that the united states cannot remain permanently half slave and half free. He did not expect the union to be dissolved but he did expect it to cease to be divided. Who would win the election. The central matter in the debates was the extension of slavery and racial equality. The key issue they debated upon was that douglas was pro slavery and lincoln was anti slavery. Lincoln did not want to see slavery expand. Douglas controversial answer on the dred scott decision became known as the freeport doctrine.

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What were the key issues in the lincoln douglas debates The problems discussed revolved mainly around the issues of slavery and lincoln and douglas had opposing views on how to approach this significant obstacle that was dividing american society.

What were the key issues in the lincoln douglas debates. Lincoln asked douglas to reconcile his belief in popular sovereignty proposed by the kansas nebraska act with the dred scott decision. The seven debates between abraham lincoln and stephen a. Multiple debates in which abraham lincoln and stephen a. Either through the machinery of the kansas nebraska act and the dred scott decision slavery would be extended throughout the country or it would be strictly contained to where it currently is and die out there. Whether or not to abolish slavery. These acitivists were considered to be at the very extreme of american politics and lincoln s anti enslavement views were more moderate. When lincoln and douglas debated the slavery extension issue in 1858 therefore they were addressing the problem that had divided the nation into two hostile camps and that threatened the continued existence of the union.

Douglas was handsome and lincoln was ugly. Lincoln was the upstart douglas the political powerhouse. Both in these debates and in other speeches notably the house divided speech lincoln began to make it clear that a country living with a dichotomous culture could not long endure. Until the 17th constitutional amendment of 1913 senators were elected by state legislatures so lincoln and douglas were. 2nd debate in freeport. Douglas occurred in each of the nine congressional districts in illinois united states. Compromise could not longer work the way it had in the past.

Key arguments in the lincoln douglas debates. Partisanship would tear the country apart if we did not deal with it. Their contest as a consequence had repercussions far beyond determining who would win the senatorial seat at stake. Douglas in the debates exaggerated lincoln s position and portrayed him as a radical north american 19th century black activist which he was not. Lincoln was referred to as a radical abolitionist and accused douglas with trying to nationalize slavery. Douglas came together and discussed important social and political issues took place in 1858 during the elections for the state of illinois.


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