Does Money From Girl Scout Cookies Go To Planned Parenthood

Does money from girl scout cookies go to planned parenthood Its question was followed by multiple links suggesting girl scouts have joined with planned parenthood and the non profit benefits.

Does money from girl scout cookies go to planned parenthood. The girl scout cookie season is in full swing and as a result we often get questions about this organization and their ties to the promotion of abortion and planned parenthood. Time reports that many girl scout councils raised their cookie prices from 4 00 to 5 00 per box in 2017 which seems like a lot but when you consider where the money goes you might actually be. Advertisement documentation going back several years links this group to the advocacy of abortion. This article was highly critical of the girl scouts in general but especially strong on the topic of planned parenthood. Did gsusa distribute a planned parenthood brochure at a united nations event. Does girl scout cookie money go to planned parenthood. No we did not. The claim that girl scout cookie sales fund planned parenthood became popular in mid 2015 and early 2016 likely due in part to a series of questionable viral videos targeting the latter. In 2010 gsusa took part in the 54th commission on the status of women at the united nations. Gs helped found wagggs and makes up 25 of their membership paying approximately 1 million in dues per year.

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Does money from girl scout cookies go to planned parenthood A sale proceeds from local troops stay within local councils.

Does money from girl scout cookies go to planned parenthood. So the girl scouts recent ties to planned parenthood although shocking shouldn t be surprising. No all of the money from girl scout cookie activities. World association of girl guides and girls scouts wagggs. No girl scouts of the usa does not have a relationship or partnership with planned parenthood. There s also been some confusion about where money from girl scout cookie sales go. If you know anything about the girl scouts besides being aware that cute little girls in uniforms sucker you into breaking your diet with their delicious cookies once a year than you know that the organization is completely liberal as in connected to george soros and media matters liberal. Don t be fooled into thinking your girl scout s dues go solely into local coffers.

The simple explanation is that clonginger acknowledge local relationships between councils and planned parenthood while chavez denied a national partnership between gsusa and planned parenthood. According to the article by cathy ruse of the family research institute 90 of the money raised by girl scout cookies sales is passed on from the troop to the councils that supervise troops across areas of several counties. A viral meme claims that girl scout cookies support planned parenthood but the organization says it has no relationship or partnership with planned parenthood full story.

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