How To Get Sims To Have A Baby Sims 3

How to get sims to have a baby sims 3 Unlike human sims pets can expect twins from 50 of pregnancies.

How to get sims to have a baby sims 3. If you choose to send them to the hospital their partner will come with them. When a male sim gives birth after becoming pregnant with the tombstone of life and death the alien baby birth animation will play even if the baby is human. You must have had at least your first kiss with the sim to have a baby with them. You ll get a long number make a note of this because. To do this select the sim you want to have twins or triples and enter the following in console commands sims get sim id by name. Choose options from that category until the other sim says that your sim is extremely irresistible. If you don t have get to work the sim will disappear off the lot for a few hours. Send your sim to give birth at a hospital. Step 1 purchase the most expensive telescope step 2 have your male sim stargaze using it at night obviously step 3 eventually your sim will get abducted by aliens. Click on your sim and send them to the hospital.

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How to get sims to have a baby sims 3 The second option for having a baby in the sims 3 is to use the adoption service.

How to get sims to have a baby sims 3. Click on the blender choose pregnancy male sim s name accelerate pregnancy. Your baby girl will be born in just a few hours instead of a few days. A social worker will come to your sim s house shortly where you ll be given the option to choose the gender and age of the child you wish to adopt. If you do you ll go with them to the hospital. Go to the grocery store and get apples. Breeding your pets using the encourage to mate interaction results in litters of one to three puppies or kittens at a time. Use your sim s cell phone to call for services and select the adoption service.

Or have the foresight to have an apple tree that you can pick some from. You have to click on the sim you want to have a baby with and click on the tab that says romance. This may take a while so you must be patient. How to have a baby boy in the sims 3.

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