How To Make Friendship Bracelets With String Step By Step

How to make friendship bracelets with string step by step First organize the left side.

How to make friendship bracelets with string step by step. You ll be knotting it around the other strands of floss yarn to achieve this. Separate the thread into 3 sections of 2 strings each then braid the 3 strands together by criss crossing them. Pull the end of thread one up and through to make a. It s better that your string is too long than too short so cut a longer string when in doubt. The way you make the ridged woven looking surface of a friendship bracelet is by making lots of small knots. So even though i m demonstrating with the chevron pattern below you can follow along with whatever pattern you choose. This will determine the order of the color of your rows. To make a simple string bracelet cut 6 pieces of colorful embroidery thread a little longer than what you need to go around your wrist. Measure a length of thread slightly longer than the distance from your fingertip to your shoulder and then cut it. The strings will be out of order so you will have to force them into the order you want.

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How to make friendship bracelets with string step by step How to make friendship bracelets step by step photo instructions the method for making the bracelet is the exact same regardless of what pattern you make.

How to make friendship bracelets with string step by step. Hold the strings together and tie a knot about 2 inches from one end then use tape to secure the knotted end to a table. Once they re in order grab the first two strands. That way you ll have enough thread for the bracelet to stretch around your wrist to create a pattern. Two of each color. You would have. Now that you re strings are folded in half and knotted you have a total of eight strings to work with. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and ask a friend to tie the ends in a secure knot.

Separate these into two bundles containing one string of each color. Hold strand two tight as you take thread one and loop it around. To finish up just put it around your friend s wrist and then tie it loosely around your friend s wrist. The only thing that s different for each pattern is the starting position of the threads. The strand farthest to the left is going to create your first row. The organization of your strings is very important. This is what the finished friendship bracelet should look like.

First you need to decide what order you want your strands to be in. You can also try using 2 knots for one color 5 knots for another and 1 knot for the 3rd color and other variations to make some cool looking patterns. Make your braiding disc. You can make more advanced friendship bracelets by adding more strings and using the same exact process as you did with 3 strings. Spread your threads out and starting on the left count them one through four.

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