How Big Can You Blow Up A 12 Megapixel Picture

How big can you blow up a 12 megapixel picture You can print a good quality 12 3 megapixel to any size you want provided it s viewed at from the distance it is meant to be.

How big can you blow up a 12 megapixel picture. From almost 10 14 to a little. If you were to print larger then you re beginning to stretch the file and degrade the quality although this doesn t become immediately noticeable see the next section. This means you could print at 16 x 12 with no problem. You can see this by opening up the file and switching the dimensions to inches. For example you can enlarge a 6 7 megapixel print to 16 20 or an 8 megapixel print to 17x22. You can make nice 8 x 10 prints with a 6 or 8 megapixel camera but to make a true photo quality 16 x 20 print you need between 24 and 30 megapixels. Even if you have a 12 megapixel camera you may have considerably less data depending on settings. Lowering the ppi is the option most printers will take if you ask them to print a large canvas. At 200 ppi you can print a 12 mp image on a 20 16 inch by 15 12 inch canvas. If you re interested in learning more about this.

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How big can you blow up a 12 megapixel picture I m frequently asked how big of a print a photographer can make given their camera s 24 16 12 18 8 or whatever megapixel count they have on their camera.

How big can you blow up a 12 megapixel picture. You won t view a billboard from the distance you would see a photograph in an album. Better yet you can blow up a 10 megapixel print to 20x30 for a good quality print. Since the standard printing resolution for photographs is 300dpi you can calculate the approximate megapixels needed for each image size. See below example of same image at a resolution of 300dpi and 72dpi notice how it effects the size of the image in inches i e. However you can still blow your photographs up further if you don t mind loosing a little bit of crispness. Don t be fooled by manufacturers claims that say you can make 16 x 20 prints from an 8 megapixel camera. This is because you are using the same finite number of pixels to make an image larger.

Print size chart created by the author jim harmer. If you send them a 12 mp photo and ask them to print it on a 20 inch wide canvas all they will do is print each pixel a little larger. So theoretically the larger you blow up an image in adobe photoshop the worse the image becomes. Everything will look good from a few. To get the full capability of your camera you must set the image quality to its highest setting.

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