How Many People Does A 7 Lb Turkey Breast Feed

How many people does a 7 lb turkey breast feed Doing the math for a 6 pound bird that s just short of 20.

How many people does a 7 lb turkey breast feed. 8 10 lb turkey breast feeds 7 10 people. Think of about two pounds of the entire turkey per person for a small gathering 4 to 8 people and about 1 5 pounds of the entire larger turkey per person for a larger group 10 to 16. 10 12 lb turkey breast feeds 9 12 people. Narragansett bronze white holland and bourbon red. Some common breeds of turkey include. Use the whole bird calculator below to figure out what size turkey you should buy along with cooking and thawing times. Related to 7 lb turkey breast feeds how many why is it that the basis for worry for so many individuals. With a few simple calculations you can be assured you ll have enough food to go around. 4 7 lb turkey breast feeds 4 6 people. An 11 pound turkey would be enough to feed 11 adults.

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How many people does a 7 lb turkey breast feed Uncooked whole unstuffed turkey.

How many people does a 7 lb turkey breast feed. This allows approximately 7 cooked ounces of meat per serving. The first step to the perfect holiday feast is knowing what size turkey you need. The larger the bird the higher the meat to bone ratio. Though if you re wanting to enjoy turkey leftovers obviously our test kitchen recommends 1 pounds of turkey per person so everyone can literally get stuffed with enough left for a few extra meals. However the american turkey can be still a somewhat distinct species by the guinea fowl though the name stayed. A whole six to seven pound turkey breast two breasts still joined at the breast bone will feed six to eight people. The national turkey federation says you get 3 3 portions per pound from bone in turkey breast and 4 0 portions from a boneless breast.

This method here will work for either amount of meat. A 7 5 pound turkey breast is not enough to feed 11 people. Prepping a turkey breast for cooking make sure your turkey breast is thawed before roasting. As a general rule when buying turkey plan on 1 pound of turkey per person.

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