How To Put On Liquid Eyeliner For The First Time

How to put on liquid eyeliner for the first time Here is my 3 step guide on how to.

How to put on liquid eyeliner for the first time. Surprise eye primer isn t only for eye shadow. Keep the application as thin and smooth as possible. Apply dots to the inner corner and tail. Before you wear your liquid eyeliner it is of utmost importance that your eyelids as well as the entire area around your eyes are up for it. How to apply liquid eyeliner. Applying liquid eyeliner is no easy task even for seasoned makeup lovers but i ve s. With a bit of caution everyone can rock this look. Applying liquid eyeliner doesn t require any complicated hacks simply follow these four steps for how to put on liquid eyeliner until you have it down. Start with applying the eye shadow primer on the lids of your eyes. To use the business card simply hold the card in place while you apply the eyeliner for an edge and guide.

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How to put on liquid eyeliner for the first time To use tape to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner place the tape in the same position that we mentioned above.

How to put on liquid eyeliner for the first time. Apply liquid eyeliner for beginners. Work your way toward the inner corner of your eye. Repeat this process on the other eye. If you have small eyes the trick is to make sure the liquid eyeliner on the bottom does not go anywhere near your waterline as this can look too harsh and can make your eyes look smaller. Keep drawing tiny dashes along the lash line making sure to work as close to your natural lash line as possible. Before you apply liquid eyeliner pat on a thin layer of eyelid primer. In order to blend the primer properly pat a sponge gently on it.

The size of the dot should be equal to the thickness of your desired line. To steady your hand rest your elbow on a table with your hand on your cheek. How to apply liquid eyeliner to lower lash line. Draw a dot in the middle of your lash line as close to the eye as possible. Liquid eyeliner can also work well under your eyes. It s true that primer can make eye shadows wear evenly and apply easier and the same can be said for eyeliner. Stop about two thirds of the way across your eyelid.

After you ve placed the piece of tape from the outside corner of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow you can begin drawing. If you plan on wearing eyeshadow apply it before your eyeliner. Draw a row of dots or dashes along your lash line then connect them with short slow strokes.

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